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Subscribe to RSS feeds from Safari on iOS

The new URL scheme action “subscribe” lets you launch Slow Feeds from other apps and call the dialog to add a subscription (see Slow Feeds URL scheme actions). You can configure this action in third party apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts. And if you go through the trouble of creating a bookmarklet, you can even add the feed subscription feature to any iOS browser.

This is the bookmarklet code that calls the dialog to add a subscription for the current website. You have to add this as the URL of a new bookmark:


If you want Slow Feeds to get you back to Safari after the action, use this instead:


How to add a bookmarklet to mobile Safari

See this answer from robmathers on StackExchange:

  1. On your device, copy the bookmarklet code.
  2. Create a new bookmark for any site (doesn’t matter which one).
  3. Open the bookmarks menu, tap Edit and select the bookmark you just created.
  4. Paste the bookmarklet code in place of the URL, then change the name to whatever you want.

Slow Feeds 4 is here

Slow Feeds 4 is available on the app store now! It features an updated design, optimized for iOS 7 and some awesome new features:

  • Background fetch: Slow Feeds will periodically sync your feeds in the background. If you launch Slow Feeds, any new articles will already be there.
  • Feed management: Slow Feeds lets you subscribe to new feeds (finally!), either by entering exact feeds or just website URLs. Of course, now you can also remove subscriptions.
  • Manual categorization: Slow Feeds 4 categorizes feeds into Slow and High Volume all by itself like before, but now also gives you the possibility to manually change the categorization per feed, if you like.
  • x-callback-url support: The new ‘subscribe’ functionality is accessible from outside Slow Feeds by means of an URL scheme action, which supports x-callback-url attributes
  • Freemium: Slow Feeds is now free, with a limited feature set. A one-time in-app purchase unlocks the full version.
  • Zen Version: If you need Slow Feeds really only to read, well, slow feeds, you might want to check out the new zen version setting, which reduces Slow Feeds to its essence and removes everything else.

If you already have an older version of Slow Feeds, update now! You will be automatically upgraded to the full version. For everyone else: Now is the perfect time to try Slow Feeds.

Slow Feeds Goes Freemium

Slow Feeds 4 is around the corner, but before talking about new features, let me tell you how updating, purchasing and/or upgrading will work.

Slow Feeds 4 will be a freemium app, which means you can download it for free from the app store – with a limited set of features for new customers. To get the full (“premium”) version of Slow Feeds, there will be an in-app-purchase which unlocks all the features.

There are a lot of apps with annoying variants of the free + in-app-purchases model, especially in the games category. This is not what I want for Slow Feeds. The freemium model for Slow Feeds is  solely about providing a free trial version, to reach more people who might like the concept, but would like to try out the app first. Slow Feeds 4 will keep the in-app-purchase experience as nonintrusive as possible:

  • If you bought Slow Feeds before it changed to the freemium model, you get the full version of Slow Feeds 4. This should happen automatically once you were able to update the app (as far as I can test this before going live). If it doesn’t – do a “Restore Purchase” which will be found in the settings’ update screen.
  • There is only one in-app purchase unlocking all the features of the full version.
  • If you haven’t upgraded, and the free version is all you need, you can optionally hide every mention of full version features and never be bothered by upgrade dialogs again.

That’s it for now – stay tuned for more about the update!