Slow Feeds

Rediscover your feeds with this unique and smart RSS client for iOS.

Slow Feeds automatically generates 4 views based on your feed subscriptions:

Slow Feeds Screenshot

“Slow Feeds”: All slowly updated feeds, eg. low-frequency blogs

High Volume Screenshot

“High Volume”: Everything not in “Slow Feeds”, high-frequency blogs and large news sites.

Hot Links Screenshot

“Hot Links”: A consolidation of where your feeds’ recent articles most frequently link to

Images Screenshot

“Images”: A gallery containing all images in your feeds’ articles



“Slow Feeds’ core concept is so clever, and so naturally implemented.” – Federico Viticci, MacStories

“Its primary goal is a unique vision.” – Brett Terpstra

“Slow Feeds Finds Those RSS Items That Got Lost in the Mix” – lifehacker

So what?

  • Never miss an article of a low-frequency feed again.
  • Discover even more articles in the High Volume, Hot Links and Images section.
  • Stop configuring. Stop categorizing. Read.
  • Slow Feeds enables, no, encourages you to subscribe to lots of feeds and will also help you digest them.
  • This is not one of those magazine-like renditions of randomly arranged articles.
  • Your feeds are not curated. Every article is there; Either in the “Slow Feeds” or the “High Volume” section.

Slow Feeds is designed to make discovering interesting articles in your river of news easy. It is designed to encourage you to leave folders and tags behind and stop maintaining your categorization system. At the same time, Slow Feeds is not burdening you with dozens of options and settings. Enter your feed aggregator credentials – the rest just happens.

Slow Feeds is for people whose world doesn’t fit into one single catalogue, tagging system, hierarchical collection or folder structure. Slow Feeds is about helping you rediscovering your feeds.

For help and more information, see Slow Feeds Help

All the features

  • Syncs with BazQux ReaderFeed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Feedly and NewsBlur
  • A stream of your low volume feed subscriptions
  • A stream of the remaining high volume feeds
  • A stream of your feeds’ most-linked webpages
  • A gallery of your feeds’ article images*
  • A stream of your starred items
  • Universal app with dedicated iPad interface
  • Tap and hold to read image alt-text
  • In-app browser, as well as support for Safari, Chrome*, Opera Mini* or Dolphin*
  • Mark articles as read/unread, starred/unstarred
  • Send articles you like to Twitter, Facebook*, Instapaper, Pocket*, Delicious*, Pinboard*, by email or as message.

Slow Feeds is NOT for you, if…

  • You don’t know what (RSS- or Atom-)feeds are.
  • You don’t want to subscribe to a lot of feeds.
  • You like spending time manually sorting your feeds (by topic, volume, whatever).
  • You feel the need to configure every aspect of your apps.