After Google Reader: Slow Feeds 3

I planned to improve the Hot Links feature for Slow Feeds 2.1, which was introduced in Slow Feeds 2.0 and to add multiple account support in the near future. Then, Google announced it will be shutting down Reader on July 1st, which messed up my schedule a little… So, I started with the multiple account feature, implemented APIs for new feed aggregators to replace Google Reader, finished the work originally planned for Slow Feeds 2.1 – and added even more stuff. I bundled it all together into what I think deserves the new major version number: 3.

Slow Feeds 3, which has been submitted to the app store and is waiting for review as of this writing, will bring the following new features:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Feed aggregator support extended, now:
  • Hot Links also show source-articles
  • URL scheme to launch the app (slowfeeds://)
  • More spacious iPad interface with bigger fonts
  • Sharing activities extended (iOS 6 only), now:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Mail
    • Message
    • Copy
    • Instapaper
    • Pocket
    • Pinboard
    • Delicious
  • Third party browser support extended (iOS 6 only), now:
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Dolphin
    • Opera Mini
  • Pull-to-refresh (iOS 6 only)
  • Enhancements, fixes and optimizations

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