Slow Feeds is returning!

We are currently working on the finishing touches of Slow Feeds 6! When Slow Feeds developed into Web Subscriber it got a lot of new functionality. But we also miss the simplicity of the old Slow Feeds. Turns out we were not the only ones! Slow Feeds 6 will be released in the coming weeks […]

Awesome feed suggestions by Brent Simmons:

Sous Vide °Celsius sera bientôt disponible en français. Ça semble intéressant? On peut s’inscrire à la bêta ici: Sous Vide °Celsius beta signup #sousvide #sous-vide

Update: Microblog Integration and Beta 5.2

Sorry, more delays: To get the microblog integration right the way we want (you should be able to select multiple accounts and see posts from all the selected accounts in a unified timeline), we have to change a large part of the app architecture. With the current app that’s unfortunately not possible to do in […]

Testflight Beta Invitation Link

Apple just now introduced a new feature to distribute testflight beta invitations directly via link. So, for the Web Subscriber beta (testing invitation at the moment) go here:

Web Subscriber with Integration: New Beta Version

Sorry for the long wait… but: With the integration of, I decided it would make sense to let users select multiple accounts at the same time. Which took some refactoring across the app. But now you can see posts and ’normal‘ feed subscription in one unified timeline! Join the beta and let me […]

If you want to subscribe to us on you’ll find us at of course 👋

So we finally started micro.blogging from Zozi Apps, since we are working on more integration for Web Subscriber. \o/