Web Subscriber 5.1 has just been released on the app store. The new version comes with a new smart stream: Micro-Blogposts. More and more people are starting to take their micro blogging out of social media silos and integrating tweet-like posts into their regular blogs or creating special micro blogging feeds (check out for […]

Web Subscriber 5.0

Slow Feeds, our RSS reader that focused on articles from feeds with low posting frequency, has always been loved by heavy RSS users for its simplicity. One of the frustrating things about it however has been explaining its purpose to people unfamiliar with RSS. Slow Feeds was like a niche product (special filtering) inside a […]

Slow Feeds Evolution

In April 2018, a new version of the app formerly known as Slow Feeds will be released with a new name. Slow Feeds 5 will become Web Subscriber 5. Web Subscriber 5 will feature everything you could get in Slow Feeds and much more. Web Subscriber will no longer be just a special needs feed reader […]

Slow Feeds 5 Public Beta

A brand new version of Slow Feeds is coming together! Slow Feeds 5 will combine smart streams (Slow Feeds, Hot Links, Images) with manual organizational paradigms like tagging and browsing single subscriptions. In addition, you won’t need a web-based feed reading service for syncing. You can subscribe to feeds locally on your device if you […]

Zozi Apps iMessage Stickers

Zozi Apps recently released two iMessage sticker packs – both a Zozi Apps family affair :-) My brother Matthias, a type designer and graphic designer/artist (check out who by the way also designed Florin, the typeface used for article body text in Slow Feeds, designed  Sticky Type: Fully animated lettering stickers for iMessage. Meanwhile my […]

iOS 8 Extension: RSS to Slow Feeds

Slow Feeds 4.2 is available on the app store as of now. It includes a new iOS 8 extension ‚RSS to Slow Feeds‘, which takes an URL, looks for RSS feed links on it and lets you subscribe to any of them. Works wherever the iOS 8 share sheets work. Other changes: Adapted layouts and […]

Subscribe to RSS feeds from Safari on iOS

The new URL scheme action „subscribe“ lets you launch Slow Feeds from other apps and call the dialog to add a subscription (see Slow Feeds URL scheme actions). You can configure this action in third party apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts. And if you go through the trouble of creating a bookmarklet, you can even […]

Slow Feeds 4 is here

Slow Feeds 4 is available on the app store now! It features an updated design, optimized for iOS 7 and some awesome new features: Background fetch: Slow Feeds will periodically sync your feeds in the background. If you launch Slow Feeds, any new articles will already be there. Feed management: Slow Feeds lets you subscribe to […]

Slow Feeds Goes Freemium

Slow Feeds 4 is around the corner, but before talking about new features, let me tell you how updating, purchasing and/or upgrading will work. Slow Feeds 4 will be a freemium app, which means you can download it for free from the app store – with a limited set of features for new customers. To […]

Support for Feedly cloud added

Slow Feeds 3.2 has just been accepted in the app store and should show up anytime now. It’s adding Feedly cloud support and optimizes syncing in general. Look in the update section in iOS app store or buy Slow Feeds here if you held out for Feedly support.