iOS 8 Extension: RSS to Slow Feeds

Slow Feeds 4.2 is available on the app store as of now. It includes a new iOS 8 extension ‘RSS to Slow Feeds’, which takes an URL, looks for RSS feed links on it and lets you subscribe to any of them. Works wherever the iOS 8 share sheets work. Other changes: Adapted layouts and […]

Subscribe to RSS feeds from Safari on iOS

The new URL scheme action “subscribe” lets you launch Slow Feeds from other apps and call the dialog to add a subscription (see Slow Feeds URL scheme actions). You can configure this action in third party apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts. And if you go through the trouble of creating a bookmarklet, you can even […]

Slow Feeds 4 is here

Slow Feeds 4 is available on the app store now! It features an updated design, optimized for iOS 7 and some awesome new features: Background fetch: Slow Feeds will periodically sync your feeds in the background. If you launch Slow Feeds, any new articles will already be there. Feed management: Slow Feeds lets you subscribe to […]

Slow Feeds Goes Freemium

Slow Feeds 4 is around the corner, but before talking about new features, let me tell you how updating, purchasing and/or upgrading will work. Slow Feeds 4 will be a freemium app, which means you can download it for free from the app store – with a limited set of features for new customers. To […]

Support for Feedly cloud added

Slow Feeds 3.2 has just been accepted in the app store and should show up anytime now. It’s adding Feedly cloud support and optimizes syncing in general. Look in the update section in iOS app store or buy Slow Feeds here if you held out for Feedly support.

Feed Wrangler support added

Slow Feeds 3.1 has just been released, adding support for Feed Wrangler. We are currently working on integrating even more feed aggregator services, as well as sync speed improvements across the board. But keep in mind that the exodus of Google Reader users might pose a challenge to the new services for the next few […]

Slow Feeds 3 is here!

Slow Feeds 3 has just been released and should appear on the app store shortly. Slow Feeds 3 brings support for NewsBlur, Feedbin and FeedHQ. If you want to continue using Google Reader while it’s still working, you will have to re-enter your username and password.

After Google Reader: Slow Feeds 3

I planned to improve the Hot Links feature for Slow Feeds 2.1, which was introduced in Slow Feeds 2.0 and to add multiple account support in the near future. Then, Google announced it will be shutting down Reader on July 1st, which messed up my schedule a little… So, I started with the multiple account […]