Slow Feeds

Slow Feeds is a feed reader that lets you filter your feeds by posting frequency.

Many websites publish their content in an additional feed format like RSS or Atom. There are many feed readers that let you subscribe to these feeds. The problem is, once you follow a lot of these feeds, low frequency feeds get buried under news-heavy outlets that you might also subscribe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just dial the desired frequency threshold up and down depending on what you want to read? Slow Feeds offers the simplest feed reading experience by leaving all the manual folder and tag management out and focusing on just the one slider.

While the original Slow Feeds app got more and more features (the Slow Feeds functionality itself becoming one of those features) and got developed into what today is Web Subscriber, we wanted to bring back the «do one thing well» approach and the simplicity of Slow Feeds for customers with a more straight forward approach to digesting news feeds.

Now, back and at version 6, Slow Feeds is simpler than ever. It’s a free download, but you can buy an upgrade to Super Slow Feeds to get unlimited access to older posts and lower posting frequency filters.

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