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Lost access to the full version

If you already bought the upgrade to the full version, or the full version of the app before it was free, but don’t have the features, go to «Upgrade» in the app’s Settings and try «Restore Purchases».

Syncing with a feed reading service

Slow Feeds syncs with a variety of online feed reading services. An account on one of those services is needed. Currently, the following services are supported (more might be added later):

If you upgrade to the full version of Slow Feeds, you can add as many accounts as you like, from any number of services.

Subscribe to feeds

Full version required.

If you want to subscribe to a new feed, you go to the accounts-menu on the top-left of one of the article list views. Under the currently selected (top-most) account you will see a link to «Add feed subscription». Tap it and you will be presented with a form with a textfield to enter an URL. You can enter the URL of a website or a feed URL directly.Tap «Subscribe»

You can also subscribe to feeds of pages you come across inside the in-app browser by tapping the RSS icon in the toolbar. This will bring up the same subscription dialog as above.

Slow Feeds will automatically detect if you entered a feed or a website URL. A feed will be added as a subscription to your feed service account. Websites will be searched for feed links. If one is found, it will also be added to your feed service account. If there is more than one feed link , Slow Feeds will show you a list. You can tap to subscribe any number of items from the list.

To use this mechanism from outside of Slow Feeds, read about the URL scheme

Remove feed subscriptions

Full version required.

To remove a feed subscription you have to tap the RSS icon in the toolbar of one of the feed’s articles. A dialog for managing the feed will appear. Tap «Unsubscribe». You can undo this action as long as you are still in that article by calling the feed management menu again. Tap «Subscribe».

Manually categorize feeds

Full version required.

Slow Feeds automatically categorizes feed subscriptions as Slow Feeds or High Volume feeds, respectively. As of Slow Feeds 4 you have the possibility to overrule the automatic categorization by manually categorizing a feed as Slow Feed or High Volume.

To do this, tap the RSS icon in the toolbar of an article of the feed in question. A dialog for managing the feed will appear. There are three options under «Categorization»:

  • Slow Feeds: Manually categorize the feed as a Slow Feed.
  • Auto (Default): The app categorizes the feed for you.
  • High Volume: Manually categorize the feed as a High Volume feed.

Show only unread items

In the Slow Feeds article list you can toggle between «all items» and «only unread items» by tapping the according button (next to the «Settings» button) in the navigation bar.

You can do this ONLY in the Slow Feeds list.

The High Volume section is designed for you to scan headlines. There are usually too many High Volume feed articles. It’s better to read whatever jumps out at you and not micro-manage it like a to-do list.

Marking items as read/unread or starred

In the article view, articles can be marked as read/unread or starred/unstarred via the buttons in the toolbar.

In the article lists you can drag rows to the left to toggle an article’s read state, or to the right to star/unstar. The Hot Link list is a bit different: The Hot Links themselves cannot be starred. Instead you can long-press any hot link or source item to open it, and it will mark the hot link and all related source items as read.

Other possibilities to mark multiple items as read or unread are not supported at the moment.

Read an article on the web

You can visit an article’s original web URL from the article view by tapping on the article title. For linked list-style blogs (like Daring Fireball) the provided web URL usually leads to the linked website, not the feed item itself.

URL scheme

Slow Feeds has an URL scheme that enables you to launch it and perform actions from other applications:

The basic URL. This just opens the app.


Opens the app at a specific section (Slow Feeds, High Volume, Hot Links, Images, Starred).


Opens the app and presents the dialog to subscribe to a feed. If you specify an URL parameter, the dialog’s URL entry field will already be filled. You will still have to tap «Subscribe» for security reasons. Full version required.

The x-callback-url compatible version of the above subscribe action. Accepts all x-callback-url 1.0 parameters (optional) and the url parameter (optional as well). See for more information about its use.

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