Slow Feeds

Slow Feeds is back!

We are preparing a brand new, simpler than ever, Slow Feeds release for the app store. Check back soon if you don’t want to miss it, or – you know – subscribe to in the feed reader of your choice…

What do you mean „it’s back“?

Slow Feeds 1.0 had originally been released in 2012. After that, feed reading services had been supported, features had been added. Getting more an more complex, Slow Feeds has been relaunched under the new name „Web Subscriber“. To this day, „Slow Feeds“ is (and continues to be) a feature of Web Subscriber. For us and all the people who miss the simpler times, we are bringing back „Slow Feeds“ as a standalone app, Slow Feeds 6.

What happens to Web Subscriber?

Web Subscriber not only remains in the app store but will benefit from all the code rewriting that has been done for Slow Feeds 6. Expect a new launch of Web Subscriber in 2021!