Subscribe to RSS feeds from Safari on iOS

The new URL scheme action «subscribe» lets you launch Slow Feeds from other apps and call the dialog to add a subscription (see Slow Feeds URL scheme actions). You can configure this action in third party apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts. And if you go through the trouble of creating a bookmarklet, you can even add the feed subscription feature to any iOS browser.

This is the bookmarklet code that calls the dialog to add a subscription for the current website. You have to add this as the URL of a new bookmark:


If you want Slow Feeds to get you back to Safari after the action, use this instead:


How to add a bookmarklet to mobile Safari

See this answer from robmathers on StackExchange:

  1. On your device, copy the bookmarklet code.
  2. Create a new bookmark for any site (doesn’t matter which one).
  3. Open the bookmarks menu, tap Edit and select the bookmark you just created.
  4. Paste the bookmarklet code in place of the URL, then change the name to whatever you want.