Web Subscriber 5.0

Slow Feeds, our RSS reader that focused on articles from feeds with low posting frequency, has always been loved by heavy RSS users for its simplicity. One of the frustrating things about it however has been explaining its purpose to people unfamiliar with RSS. Slow Feeds was like a niche product (special filtering) inside a niche (RSS users).

Today, Web Subscriber 5.0 has been released on the iOS app store. Web Subscriber takes everything Slow Feeds did, and makes it accessible for more people and use cases. With Web Subscriber we try to

  1. leave the niche of RSS users who need special filtering tools
  2. leave the niche of people who know about RSS in the first place

What is RSS/Atom/JSONFeed for? Why are these tools advertised as RSS readers? What they do is: Make you able to subscribe to websites (in an ideal open web anyway).

To learn more about Web Subscriber and its features, visit Web Subscriber.