Slow Feeds 5 Public Beta

A brand new version of Slow Feeds is coming together!

Slow Feeds 5 will combine smart streams (Slow Feeds, Hot Links, Images) with manual organizational paradigms like tagging and browsing single subscriptions. In addition, you won’t need a web-based feed reading service for syncing. You can subscribe to feeds locally on your device if you want to.

Right now we’re starting a public beta to collect feedback and bugs before the release. If you’d like to help or just get a sneak peek, sign up here: Slow Feeds 5 Beta Signup Form

The list of features that are being tested right now:

  • «Slow Feeds» stream with manual posting frequency threshold
  • «All articles» stream
  • Previous article streams («Hot Links», «Images», «Starred»)
  • Tags: Set tags per subscription, browse articles by tag
  • Browse articles by subscription
  • Sync subscriptions with BazQux, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Feedly, Newsblur or just subscribe locally without sync.
  • Filter article streams by read state
  • Sort article streams by date ascending or descending
  • Complete control over which streams you need and which you want to hide

Since Slow Feeds 5 will support a more varied set of feed reading habits (and possibly even more in the future), the name «Slow Feeds» will not adequately describe the app’s feature going forward. That’s why the name will change to «Web Subscriber».